Swift PC Optimizer - Keep your Computer Running Like New


Fast, frequent and easy! The world's most comprehensive system optimizer "Swift PC Optimizer" is now available for all windows computer. Swift PC Optimizer is considered as most popular windows PC Cleaner free available over the internet.

Swift PC Optimizer is known as system optimizer that works for cleaning all unwanted and unused junk from the system and contributes to boost up the performance of the system.

Speed Up Your PC

  1. Clean up junk files
  2. Speed up Internet
  3. Make Windows start faster Optimize
  4. RAM

Manage Your Computer

  1. Fix system crashes
  2. Recover disk space
  3. Fix software errors
  4. Manage system services

Tweak Windows Performance

  1. Tweak hidden PC settings
  2. Control privacy settings
  3. Customize your PC
  4. Tweak browser settings

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
  • CPU: 400 MHz or higher
  • RAM: 128 MB or more
  • Hard Drive: 5 MB of free space

Work Functionality

  • Getting Started: When you download Swift PC Optimizer, an exe file will appear inside the browser. Let it download and install to initialize the product.
  • System Cleaner: Swift PC Optimizer analyzes the whole system and scans for probable causes or week securities files and then repairs them.
  • Internet Optimizer: Protect your browser when you connect your system to a network connection. It prevents malware and spyware to coming inside the system database. It cleans all the browsing history, cookies, and cache memory.
  • Service Manager: When you download any program into system, Swift PC Optimizer scan the program and notify user incase the downloaded program perform suspicious.
  • Defragmenter: Swift PC Optimizer helps to defragment system through removing duplicate and unused content from the system.
  • Startup Manager: Swift PC Optimizer comes with an advanced system manager and provides easy access to remove or uninstall any program directly.
  • Windows Tweaks: Swift PC Optimizer helps inside the Windows Tweaks and ensure user about not to get compromised.
  • File Manager: Allow user to perform the storage area to keep as frequently on single click.
  • Backups: Swift PC Optimizer keeps back-up for the entire task that it does inside the system and provide an output report to the user.
  • Summary Options: Swift PC Optimizer performs to boost up the overall performance of the system and protects system from suspicious thread. It prevents the entire unused program that might be the reason behind being compromised.